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Sonya is a California Certified Massage Therapist (CA Licence # 55322). Trained at the San Francisco School of Massage and the McKinnon Institute, she has been practicing manual therapy for almost 10 years. Sonya teaches yoga in the Inner Sunset and has practiced massage therapy at In-Symmetry & East-West Integrative Medicine and Presidio Sport and Medicine in San Francisco.

She specializes in therapeutic massage tailored to each client, including myofascial release, deep tissue massage, pre-natal, neuromuscular re-education, structural integration, hot stone, trigger point and TMJ work.

She especially enjoys working with new mothers, TMJ issues, post-surgical recovery, RSI, neck & back pain.

About Me

About my work

I am a Nationally Certified, as well as California Certified Massage Therapist (CA License # 25967), trained at the San Francisco School of Massage. Over the last decade I have worked to help clients lead more effective, pain-free lives. Each manual therapy session is different and tailored to individual needs. I use a combination of techniques, depending on what is needed in any given appointment; whether you are working with, pain, a post-operative recovery, race prep or just in need of some basic maintenance. With specific problems or conditions, the  physical work is progressive, usually done in a series with a goal in mind from the beginning  I am trained in orthopedic manual therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, sports massage for peak performance, neuromuscular re-education, trigger point, TMJ work and pre-natal massage.  My years as a certified yoga instructor, and movement instructor at a university level inform the way I approach my work. Educating my clients on specific evidence-based self care is part of my tailored integrative approach. I currently teach yoga in the Inner Sunset at Fluid Yoga and have practiced massage therapy in San Francisco at In-Symmetry, East-West Integrative Medicine and am at Presidio Sport and Medicine.


I enjoy working with individuals training for peak performance, and those preparing for events. I work with individuals in pre-event training and post-event recovery. I loved being part of the process for those training for anything from their first half marathon, to seasoned veterans working toward their next tri, century or ironman.

I also enjoy working clients with lower back pain, TMJ pain, as well as rotator cuff, shoulder and neck issues. I also enjoy working with those struggling with injury,  and those in a post-operative rehabilitation phase. I have worked extensively with post orthopedic surgery patients and those with new joint replacements. I work with post operative scar tissue issues with myofascial techniques and teach my clients to work on themselves in between appointments.

I also take great delight in working with those who want to be an active part of their own healing process. I believe attention to self care along the way allows us to keep doing the things we love to do in the long term. 

I am committed to assisting clients path toward long term solutions,  greater freedom of movement, improved joint and muscle function, and a more functional, active life.



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